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Services & Maintenance

Because our clients depend on the unfailing performance of their electrical system, HEC is unrivaled at providing preventive maintenance, emergency electrical service repair, and other support services.

When a maintenance program is contracted with our company, its implementation can help businesses reduce energy costs, extend the life of an electrical system, and ensure its safe and continuous operation.

Hargrove Electric Company
carries out the full range of services, including:

  • electrical
  • telecommunications
  • instrumentation
  • life-safety system
  • switchgear
  • lighting maintenance
  • cleaning
  • calibration
  • inspection
  • testing services

We perform a complete assessment of electrical and power systems, along with dependent components, using state-of-the-art equipment. All procedures are in accordance with industry standards. Our goal is to reduce and eliminate unexpected electrical outages and increase power system efficiency.

Hargrove Electrical Maintains
an Excellent Safety Record

Atos Data Center, completed by Hargrove Electric Co

electrical technicians
Electrician using voltmeter

How We Offer Great Scheduled and Emergency Electrical Service

Hargrove Electric Co Truck and Building
  • A fleet of over 35 service and support vehicles to quickly serve our clients. We have bucket trucks for outside lighting work, dedicated to servicing light standards in any location, including high-reach areas. This minimizes downtime for events dependent on outside lighting and protects your employees and customers.
  • Expert trouble-shooters who are able to correct problems and anticipate future issues, using the best preventive maintenance practices in the industry.
  • Firmly established relationships with suppliers and vendors, which are crucial when hard-to-find materials are specified and needed on a moment’s notice.
  • Installation and maintenance of primary, secondary, and auxiliary power supplies and their components, including substations, chiller and cooling towers, and medium- and high-voltage cables, just to name a few.
We also provide emergency electrical service for measuring, repair, and rewinding of motors and generators. Measurements and load tests, maintenance and management, and inspection of contracts are all components of HEC’s superior services. Contact Hargrove Electric today to learn how our preventive maintenance and service plans can increase the reliability of your electrical and power systems and provide significant long-term operational savings.