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Commercial Electrical


The Hargrove Electric Co commercial electric experts always operate with reliability, integrity, and dependability. When you work with our electrical specialists, you get 55+ years of experience and dedicated service in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

On-time job completion, Guaranteed work on all projects and services

Services Our Commercial Electricians Offer

Commercial Electrical Service, Construction, and Wiring:
Installation, repair, and maintenance of building, machine, overhead, and underground wiring; low and high voltage; and electrical remodeling.

Lighting Design and Layout:
Complete lighting systems including fluorescent, incandescent, and high-intensity discharge lighting; outdoor and area lighting, interior exterior, parking lot, stadium, emergency, and exit lighting installation and upgrades; bucket truck services.

Energy Management:
Smart technology, high-efficiency lighting, control systems, metering, and monitoring systems, and energy-efficient solutions including green technologies.

Automation and Control Systems:
Data centers, specialized control systems, audio and video cabling and connections, lighting, security, temperature, communication, and life safety.

Commercial Electric Generating Systems:
Delivery and installation of turnkey power generating systems, including green energy solutions for primary, standby, and emergency use.

Uninterruptable power supply systems to deliver power and ensure continuous electrical usage, protecting against peak demand charges, rolling blackouts, or power grid failure.

Grounding and Surge Protection:
Compliant grounding and surge suppression for electrical and telecommunication structures to mitigate spikes and surges from lightning strikes or unexpected power fluctuations.

Complete Commercial Electric Maintenance Services:
A fleet of over 35 commercial electric service and support vehicles, including bucket trucks for rapid 24/7 response and troubleshooting thermography (infrared scanning).

Commercial Electrical Service Paperwork

Minimizing Downtime

A crucial aspect of institutional work requires the facilities’ operations remain uninterrupted and fully functional during ongoing construction. Our industrial and commercial project managers work to ensure minimal interference to your business so operations can remain fully functional and operational as much as possible. Whether you need electrical service at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, our technicians are ready to help! Call us today at (214) 742-8665 to schedule your commercial electric service.