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3-Phase and Other Commercial Wiring


For commercial and industrial wiring, you need a commercial electrician that’s experienced in the details and guidelines that differ from residential electrical projects. The Hargrove Electric experts specialize in commercial electrical wiring that meets standards, provides the power you need, and does it all in a timely, low-stress manner.

Wiring and Raceway Placement Layout

The first step to any commercial wiring project is planning the layout. Poorly planned wiring structure can end up costing you big. Plugs must be planned to facilitate the equipment and machinery that needs it, and piping must be run according to wiring location and voltage needs. Our seasoned electrical planners can help guide you through each process of the layout to ensure your wiring project is planned sufficiently.

Blueprint Services

Once the electrical wiring layout is complete, an official blueprint must be drawn up for the construction team. This is how your team of electricians will know exactly where each piece of your project is located. A poorly drawn blueprint can result in issues like misplaced outlets, material overuse, and extended time frames. The Hargrove electrical engineering professionals will complete your blueprint creation to ensure that your wiring project is properly laid out the first time.


Commercial Wiring Installation

From grounding to panel installation, wiring installation takes skill and knowledge to complete correctly. With years of experience, the Hargrove team will complete your job with consideration for grounding requirements, draw limitations and power supply, safety guidelines to ensure that your business is never without power.

Low-Voltage and High-Voltage Panels

In most cases, commercial wiring requires two panels- a low-voltage panel for main outlets and a high-voltage panel for lighting and other large electrical pulls. This is to prevent dimming lights when the A/C is going and other aggravating and possibly dangerous occurrences. Our team understands the importance of these panel pulls and wires your building to help ensure you don’t have to deal with nuisances like outages and breaker flips.

Regulations and Safety Installations

Along with other specialty regulations, commercial electrical projects have elaborated safety requirements that aren’t present in residential projects. Additions such as emergency and egress lighting must be considered and allowed for, along with any emergency shutoff switches or fire safety needs. The Hargrove team is vetted in all types of commercial and industrial electrical wiring so you can be sure all safety requirements are met, every time. 

Commercial and industrial electrical wiring can be very different from a residential project, with more regulations to follow, steps to complete, and area to cover. Our commercial electricians will complete your project quickly and without stressful hangups. 

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